Antoinette Hommerson - Antoinette & The Bluebonnets

This band was founded by Antoinette Hommerson, a Dutch singer-songwriter. Antoinette has been singing and playing Country Music since she was 8 years old. You might still remember her by her former stage name “Electa Winter”. Under that name Antoinette has been performing in many countries in Europe as a solo singer, but also in different bands over the years. She even performed in Texas, U.S.A. several times.

From 2013 until 2018, Antoinette has been performing using her actual name. She was one of the lead singers in a theatre show called “Boys & Girls”, produced by The Southern Stars Theatre Company and later on, Antoinette was one of the lead singers and rhythm guitarist of a band called “DCM6” until the year of 2018. 

In 2019, Antoinette decided that it was time to start her own band: Antoinette & The Bluebonnets. She found a couple of passionate musicians and together they started playing some “good ole country music”, the music you wanna hear when you’re having a good time.

Antoinette & The Bluebonnets play original songs that have been written by Antoinette Hommerson and co-writers. They also play several well known country songs, country songs you haven’t heard before and they will also surprise you by playing some pop songs in their own special countryfied way. Country songs about the real things in life! 

In 2021 Antoinette & The Bluebonnets released their first EP named REVIVED.  
In 2022, due to personal circumstances, guitarist Rudolf Bötticher left the band as a permanent member. Sidenote; Rudolf keeps joining the band whenever he can. Rudolf was initially replaced by guitarist Almar Nijholt during the year 2022 but Almar and the band decided to go their seperate ways at the end of 2022.
Also, pedal steel guitarist Jef Marinus decided to leave the band at the end of 2022. The band is very grateful to have shared a part of this beautiful journey together, they couldn’t have done it without each and every one of them.
As from 2023 Antoinette & The Bluebonnets perform in different compositions but they stay true to themselves. On stage, this band has a good time together and they are very passionate about their music. No matter what composition they play in: Good times are guaranteed with Antoinette & The Bluebonnets!

This is the core of the band:

Antoinette Hommerson
Songwriter, Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Peter Zerner
Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals


Aldwin van der Voort
Drums & Backing Vocals

Rudolf Bötticher - Antoinette & The Bluebonnets

Rudolf Bötticher
Electric Guitar & Backing Vocals